Our TOP 5 tips for Facebook marketing during COVID-19

It has become very apparent that there will be no escaping the impacts of Coronavirus in our community, making Facebook now, more than ever, an essential marketing tool for all businesses to interact with their customers. With consumers staying at home and trying to ride out this storm, our small businesses are being forced to be innovative about the way they operate and communicate. Here are 5 tips on how to handle your Facebook communications during this difficult time.  

  • Don’t stop communicating with your customers
    Your business might be open, or it might be closed – whatever your status, it does not change the fact that you need to keep talking to your Facebook audience. Also, don’t just focus on consumption or “sales” in your posts, your content should also prompt them to interact and share with one another.
  • Ensure you have a COVID-19 statement
    Keep it simple, it just needs to share how your business is handling the current state and PIN this to the top of your page. This message should be updated regularly. 

  • Try and keep your posts upbeat and positive
    The whole world knows that life kinda sucks right now (especially for many small businesses). Social media is bombarding its listeners with doom and gloom stories, so this is your chance to stand out from all the other ‘noise’. This is your chance to brighten someone’s day, share the things you are thankful for. This might be a customer’s good gesture, or the exciting things you are planning (post COVID-19).

  • Get creative but don’t over think it.
    If you are offering something innovative or different, let your customers know. If your customers can’t get to your shop or business, then take your business to them. This could be done by making a video tour of your shop, showcasing your stock or produce, or maybe do a Facebook LIVE sale or launch showing each item you have. See Our practical tips for using Facebook live

  • Keep in mind that many of your customers might be struggling too
    Always keep the concerns of you customers front of mind when posting on Facebook. Every person will feel the impact of this crisis in some way. Before you post anything, think about what you are saying and how your customers might perceive it. 

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