A new wave of sea-changers for the Capricorn Coast and Rockhampton region

Whilst COVID-19 is causing havoc across many businesses, perhaps our saving grace is the region’s major projects underway which is reflected in the ABS population statistics which show significant growth to June 2019.

Rockhampton Riverfront

The data reveals an increased number of migrations to Rockhampton and the Capricorn Coast, with 910 new residents choosing lifestyle advantages associated with regional, coastal locations, bringing the total numbers living in the Livingstone and Rockhampton region to 119,590.

The data collected for the period from June 2018 to June 2019, shows that, for the first time in five years, the Rockhampton Regional Council population has increased by 461 persons, taking the total residents of the beef capital to 81,512.

For Livingstone Shire Council, which has had consistent growth over the years, an additional 449 people have dropped anchor closer to the Southern Great Barrier Reef in this period, taking the total population to 38,078.

With the primary drivers of population change including natural increase (difference between births and deaths), net internal migration and net overseas migration, 2.3% of Queensland’s entire population are now relishing the region’s laid-back lifestyle and opportunities.

Several people moving to the region from other parts of Australia have preferred to set up base in Emu Park (2.6% increase), Gracemere (3% increase), Norman Gardens (1.7% increase) and Yeppoon (1.4% increase).

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“Continued population growth for the area will assist in increasing business confidence towards what is currently an unknown future for many of our local operators,” said Mary Carroll, CEO Capricorn Enterprise.

“It is promising to see both the Capricorn Coast and Rockhampton communities growing in numbers again, and more people appreciating the towns, natural surroundings, amenities and easy lifestyle that our destination has to offer. We are lucky to live in a pretty special place.”

The driving force behind this growth is the number of major public infrastructure and commercial projects, including the Shoalwater Bay Remediation Project and Australian Singapore Military Training Initiative, Highway upgrades, Rookwood Weir, Clark Creek Wind and Solar Farm and Rockhampton Ring Road, which are all boding for jobs and population growth.

“With a sub-tropical climate, and the opportunity around every corner to explore, discover and escape stressful and complicated city lives for simpler ones in rural or coastal places, we are sure that the upward trend across Rockhampton and the Capricorn Coast will continue,” said Mary.

(Source: ABS 3218.0, Regional Population Growth, Australia, various editions).

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