Millions of wishes granted

5 minutes with Economic Development Committee member, Indigo Gold

With a long-term passion for writing and a proven track record of success, the small yet dynamic team at Indigo Gold have been crafting compelling stories for local businesses for over six years.  

Specialising in grants and tenders, but also assisting with project and business facilitation, business writing and copywriting, the team works across a wide range of industries, offering fresh perspectives and delivering the best results.

We had a chat with Managing Director, Prue Saxby to get some further insight into the work of Indigo Gold.

Tell us about yourself and Indigo Gold’s capability?

I have worked with all levels of government, businesses, tertiary institutions, and economic development and tourism organisations.  After stints in the mining areas of Northern Territory and Western Australia, I returned to my hometown of Rockhampton 16 years ago and worked within the development sector for both State and Local government.

My enthusiasm for writing has always been strong, so I established Indigo Gold six years ago with a vision to help businesses and organisations improve their results. 

A key goal at Indigo Gold is to help busy CEOs, managers and committee members to gain grants.  This work has two markets.  The first is providing information and workshops for those who want to write the grants themselves.  The second is helping clients with the entire grant writing process – all the grant responses as well as the support documents such as strategic plans, business and project plans, feasibility reports and more.

We also offer grant lists (one of them is free), and online grant writing workshops with an easy step-by-step process.

I’m supported by a small team – another grant writer, a journalist, project specialist, and researcher – ensuring real-world knowledge and innovative ideas from years of hands-on expertise.

We work right across Queensland, and also have clients in NSW and Victoria and the Northern Territory.

Indigo Gold is in a growth phase, working on developments within the online space and launching new products including online education and workshops.

Can you please share some of your recent successes?

Proudly, over the past three years, we have been successful in obtaining $65million dollars of grant funding for our clients.

With grant applications ranging from $10,000 to more than $10 million, it is always a brilliant day when excited clients phone or send an email to share the news of their success.

The $15.3 million dollar funding achieved for Qantas Founders Museum has been a major highlight for Indigo Gold, along with being named as a semi-finalist in the Small Business Achievement Awards in 2019. In addition, the team recently nailed a trifecta, securing three out of three Gambling Community Benefit Fund grants.

The work is always varied, with the team currently working on: a Council tender; three government grant applications and supporting documents; research to help a client set up a new regional office; and a proposal flyer.

Would you provide us with your current regional perspective?

With our diversified economy and robust regional hub, our local area is well placed to recover from the pandemic and bounce back quickly.

Our communities are resilient, and we have plenty of opportunities to position us nicely to attract tourists and people from larger cities once the current travel restrictions are lifted.

The region has a friendly, yet exciting vibe and is truly a lovely part of the world.

What are the benefits of being a Capricorn Enterprise member?

Indigo Gold has been a member of Capricorn Enterprise for over six years, and I have been a part of the Economic Development committee for five years.

A key benefit for our company is the regular information, and regional updates and statistics which are a major time saver for my small business.

I find the networking events valuable and have really enjoyed the workshops hosted by Capricorn Enterprise including a story-telling workshop. No matter what industry or sector we work in, compelling stories are important, so getting tips by an award-winning writer was a bonus. I find I always learn a lot from various refreshers and workshops, and appreciate the opportunity my membership provides.

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