Timings amiss as virus wipes out Show festivities

With public holidays going ahead on their pre-scheduled days across Rockhampton and the Capricorn Coast despite the cancellation of Show celebrations, Capricorn Enterprise is urging the local community to keep their thoughts with suffering accommodation providers who plan to reopen just hours following the 11th and 12th June public holidays.

Within stage 2 of the Coronavirus road map to recovery, which comes into effect from midnight 12th June, 250km drive holidays along with overnight stays in commercial accommodation facilities are back on the cards, as well as tourism attractions and experiences.

Despite the Show public holiday dates recently announced by Rockhampton Regional Council and Livingstone Shire Council misaligning with the further ease in restrictions, now more than ever locals are encouraged to back their local tourism industry.

While we understand that State Government instructed local Councils to only postpone the holiday if the Show was to go ahead at a later date, the fact that our already struggling hospitality and tourism operators would be required to pay penalty rates on these public holidays, is mistimed at the least.

Capricorn Enterprise CEO, Mary Carroll believes that it would have made more sense to our tourism and hospitality industry to have a public holiday in the second part of the year.

“Our already bruised tourism operators, who can only welcome limited guests to their businesses after months of limited or no cash flow, will be forced to pay staff double time on these June holidays and it may simply not be viable for many to open their doors,” Mary said.

“However, with the decision made, we are now appealing to the community to redirect money set aside for sideshow alley and dagwood dogs to booking a getaway within their own region.”

“The buy local phrase is vital right now and while the mid-June lifting of restrictions allows us to travel 250km, we hope that the public choose to stay local and support businesses in their own backyards.”

A step in the right direction saw some previously closed local businesses re-open to the public on 15th May as part of Queensland’s Roadmap to easing restrictions, allowing up to 10 visitors at a given time.

As businesses reopen and further information is made available from local industry, Capricorn Enterprise will be regularly updating the following webpage – https://capricornenterprise.com.au/2020/05/businesses-opening-15th-may-stage-1/ to keep the region informed and up to date.

For further inspiration on getting out and about throughout June or planning your upcoming local getaway, visit www.visitcapricorn.com.au.

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