Rookwood Weir water sales

Tender for Tender One and Expression of Interest (EOI) for Tender Two opened

Another key milestone for the Rookwood Weir Project has been reached with water allocation sales opportunities from Rookwood Weir now open. The Invitation to Tender for Tender One and Expression of Interest (EOI) for Tender Two opened Tuesday 23rd June 2020.

Sunwater also aim to announce the preferred constructor for the Rookwood Weir Alliance in the coming fortnight.

Rookwood Weir is a $352 million water infrastructure investment to drive new economic and employment opportunities for the agricultural industry and the community of Central Queensland.

The thousands of megalitres of water that Rookwood Weir will make available will underpin agricultural, industrial and urban growth in Central Queensland. Sunwater is now providing the market with the opportunity to purchase upwards of 30,000 megalitres (ML) of medium priority (MP) water for agricultural and non-urban use in Tender One and a minimum of 7,500 ML in Tender Two.

Sunwater is proposing to sell water from Rookwood Weir through a two-step process:

  1. Tender One water sales process for lots of 500 ML and greater will be held in late July 2020. The tender documentation is now available to download on QTenders.
  • Tender Two for smaller lots of less than 500 ML expected to be held in 2022. The Expression of Interest (EOI) process to work with Sunwater following Tender One in preparation for Tender Two is also open on the Sunwater website.

Lower Fitzroy River landholders and those who hold a current water allocation will receive a letter advising them of this phase of the water sales and inviting them to participate.

Sunwater is working alongside the Queensland Government to ensure that water planning supports the water products that will available to market. Visit to find out more about how the Queensland Government is maximising the benefits of Rookwood Weir by bringing it into the region’s water planning framework.

For more information

Click here to read the Queensland Government media release.

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