The Very Hungry Nomads, Rach & Marty, are hungry to discover the Capricorn region

Rach and Marty have been travelling around the world for the past 15 years visiting 186/195 countries! Now their travels see them venture off on a road journey in our very own backyard.

This is the first time Rach and Marty have explored our part of Southern Great Barrier Reef destination and they are looking forward to soaking up the sunshine and beautiful days on offer.

From the Keppel Islands to the Central Highlands and everything in between, Rach & Marty will be sinking their toes in the sand on Great Keppel Island, snorkelling and diving in the Southern Great Barrier Reef, snapping street art selfies, tucking into local produce, making a splash in the Yeppoon Lagoon, to hearing the Singing Ship’s sweet tunes, exploring our ancient limestone Capricorn Caves, visiting the “Beef Capital” and taking in the views from Mt Archer, checking out the world’s largest Van Gogh sunflower painting, and fossicking for treasures at the Sapphire Gemfields is just a taste of what’s on the menu for this adventurous pair.  

They’re on a world class adventure right here and we’re sure the Very Hungry Nomads appetite will be satisfied after visiting the Capricorn region. Stay tuned!

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