Construction Industry Small Business Workshops

Tuesday 8th December and Wednesday 9th December will be a chance for the construction industry in Rockhampton to put their usual ‘tools down’ and get hands on in growing confidence associated with estimating, tendering, quoting and managing contracts for your business.

Hosted by Capricorn Enterprise and sponsored by Construction Skills Queensland, the free workshop, led by marketing consultant and business mentor, Rudi Tartaglia, will walk attendees through some tried and tested compliance, budget and project planning tricks that will empower you to gain clarity of your proposals process, leading to the conversion of more quotes and project tenders.

The short and interactive Estimating, Tendering, Quoting, Contract Management – plus Financial and Budgeting Skills workshop will provide tips to support small construction businesses to form a solid understanding of the different sets of legal requirements and risks associated with each industry terminologies, and ensure delegates walk away with a clearer vision to form some positive business outcomes. 

“The goals of this session are to attempt to turn the chaos of everyday business into clarity and identify and design process improvements that unpack operational requirements for businesses,” Rudi Tartaglia said.

“The words quote, estimate, proposal and tender, are often used interchangeably in construction, but each type of construction service proposals offers a different set of requirements and risks.”

“If you and your business don’t fully understand the position of each of them, you could be missing the mark, losing job opportunities or locking yourself into something that could cost time and money.”

The workshop, held at Master Builders Training Centre in Derby Street, will be focussed on the effective and efficient management of knowledge, and how to then transfer successfully that understanding between estimating and project management teams.

Capricorn Enterprise Regional Economic Development Manager, Neil Lethlean is encouraging all levels of industry employees to attend the workshop and upskill their industry knowledge.

“As our region embarks on a massive decade of development, Capricorn Enterprise, together with Construction Skills Queensland has recognised the need to offer these energizing workshops to keep our local businesses and their employees ahead of the game,” Neil said.

“This upcoming workshop is the first in a series to be conducted across 2020-21.”

There are four identical sessions being conducted across the two days to ensure there is a time to suit everyone. Registrations are currently open with each session limited to a maximum of ten participants.

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