Mentoring for growth program: Helping small business succeed – Register as a Mentor

Register as a mentor with Mentoring for Growth:

Register as a mentor with Mentoring for Growth (M4G), to contribute to the success of other Queensland businesses.

Mentors are business, industry and export specialists who provide their time, knowledge and expertise in a voluntary capacity.

By participating in M4G, you can:

  • help small businesses to grow and employ more staff
  • provide small businesses that are experiencing high growth, or have the potential for high growth, with insights, options and suggestions on business challenges relating to growth and innovation
  • join a respected mentoring network
  • participate in business functions and events.

Role of the M4G mentor

To become an M4G mentor, you must demonstrate:

  • expertise in business
  • strong communication and listening skills
  • the ability to act as a role model, adviser, critic and consultant.

Register your interest

Registrations to become a mentor with the M4G program are completed in rounds.

Registrations are currently open and will close on 31 January 2021.

Later rounds in 2021 will open in March, May, July, September and November.

Register with M4G

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