Capricorn Coast provides perfect backdrop to TODAY Show weather

Updated 9th February 2021

Zig zagging his way through ancient systems which once resembled a magnificent coral reef, weatherman Tim Davies from Channel 9’s TODAY Show simply can’t wipe the smile from his face.

Firstly, because he was in awe of the iconic limestone caverns radiating with adventure, surprise, and sheer beauty, and secondly, because he was back on the Capricorn land he loves!

Capricorn Enterprise was once again thrilled to welcome the TODAY Show crew to our incredibly diverse Capricorn Coast and Southern Great Barrier Reef destination.

“It takes a lot of behind the scenes work and ongoing positive relationships between Capricorn Enterprise and production crews to make these national television crosses happen smoothly and the publicity value is approximately $630,000 per day,” Capricorn Enterprise CEO Mary Carroll said.

“These features are a great way to showcase the natural landscapes, tours, attractions and accommodation within our destination and motivate Australians to visit places that they have never been prior or return to their favourite holiday spots.”

Following two successful three-day weather crosses back in September 2020, Tim and the team returned to discover even more of what makes our backyard great.

Settling in for four days from 2nd – 5th February, Tim and the team spent their first morning exploring the Capricorn Caves – discovering fossils, crawling through tight spaces, and singing ‘Hallelujah’ with the support of near-perfect acoustics from the glorious Cathedral Cave, before venturing to Great Keppel Island for their overnight fix of our barefoot paradise.

Basing themselves at Great Keppel Island Hideaway, the crew had time to uncover many local secrets of Keppel Bay with adrenaline-fueled, Keppel Explorer, before reverting to ‘island-time’ and doing a whole lot of relaxing, swimming, snorkelling and soaking up the rays!

From Great Keppel Island, the team took the Pumpkin Xpress ferry over to the private eco-retreat of Pumpkin Island, and indulged in seclusion, clicking champagne glasses with the few island guests they met along the way. From watersports to navigating the six hectare paradise, Tim and the crew found it difficult to leave…

But Henderson Park Farm Retreat and the country lifestyle beckoned, with Friday’s live weather crosses seeing Tim try his hand at mustering, kayaking through Hedlow Creek and spending time exploring with 5th Generation farmers Annika and Ryan Anderson and their children.

“I’ve travelled over so many different parts of the country and it’s amazing how much is on offer right here,” Tim said. “There is still so much to explore and I think that speaks volumes about what you guys have here in your own backyard.”

The four days of live weather crosses truly celebrated our region and encourage the nation to plan their next holiday here.

View the live crosses here –
Capricorn Caves
Great Keppel Island
Pumpkin Island
Henderson Park Farm Retreat

Read Tim’s story in The Morning Bulletin here.

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