Going Places with Ernie Dingo – Capricorn Coast episode

Aussie icon Ernie Dingo recently spent some time exploring our geographically diverse location, meeting many long-term locals who love where they live.

Ernie chatted with Bob Muir on Woppa (Great Keppel Island), hearing about the culture and traditions of the island and traditional owners, before discovering the 700 year old Aboriginal Midden nestled on Long Beach.

Heading back to the mainland, Ernie caught up with Jessie Conway from Rocky Instincts, where he soon discovered there was no ‘Bunnings in the bush’ and tested his skills at trapping food and fire-making.

Finally, in the heart of Byfield, the popular presenter fired up the kiln and tried his hand at pottery with Steve and Sue from Nob Creek Pottery.

Click here to watch the full episode – on SBS On Demand.

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