2021 Technology in Business Breakfast

Qld Small Business Event Supported by the Queensland Government

A number of small business representatives from across the region were treated to a feast of information on Thursday 27th May by a selection of local IT professionals.

The Technology in Business Breakfast, hosted by Capricorn Enterprise was held at Cocobrew and part of the Queensland Small Business Month Calendar which was supported by the State Department of Employment Small Business and Training.

A wide range of presentations were delivered by a selection of local business owners including Jason Spence (iAssist), Mark Payne (DigitalRez Australia), and Jason Foss (Almost Anything). Deborah Mead (NBNCo) and Garry Clarke (Optus) also provided valuable information regarding connectivity and coverage, Business Fibre Zones, new technology and services, plus innovative online central booking systems.

For more information:

  • NBNCo – Business Fibre Zones – contact nbn for more about their ongoing commitment to assist regional businesses access the solutions they need for resilience and growth. 
  • Business in the Cloud – contact iAssist for information of Business in the Cloud, mobile internet, and Microsoft 365 to connect and do business in this new world.
  • Online booking interfaces – contact DigitalRez Australia about online booking interfaces suitable for a broad selection of users including boarding kennels, caravan parks, motel and hotels plus resorts.
  • Regional connectivity and a variety of business communication solutions – contact Optus for local plans and solutions.

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