First Nations Tourism Council Update: Rockhampton (online)

The Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) and the First Nations Tourism Working Group are holding regional updates on the development of the First Nations Tourism Peak Body. 

You may have been to a consultation session or been in touch with Rhonda Appo and/or Cameron Costello of QTIC regarding the Year of Indigenous Tourism (YOIT).  As part of the YOIT, QTIC and the First Nations Tourism Working Group have been assigned with forming a First Nations Tourism Peak Body.

The initial consultations were held in regions across Queensland, and further responses were collected through a survey. The next step now is the final round consultations to consolidate the feedback received and determine if it translates into a viable organisation.

You have the opportunity to attend a session or join an online session to provide your final opinion. A discussion paper will be available to download from the event registration page in the near future which they ask you to look over. A survey will also be distributed for anyone that is not able to attend a session but wishes to provide feedback.

They would love to hear from you and if you think the model will give you representation for your voice. For any questions please get in touch with Rhonda at or 3236 1445.

Registration link to the free event:

As part of the Year of Indigenous Tourism, the Queensland Government has supported QTIC to establish and manage a $10,000 event subsidy program to cover the registration fees for eligible First Nations operators/individuals to attend a number of tourism trade events throughout 2021.

Subsidy of registration fees is available for the following events (in order of occurrence):
• World Indigenous Tourism Summit, 31 Oct – 4 Nov 2021, Perth
• Destination IQ, 10 Nov 2021, Brisbane
• Destination Q, 11 Nov 2021, Brisbane

Event Subsidy Application Form
Event Subsidy Guidelines

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