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Plastic Free CQ has been busy working with current members and inducting new members into the program. The single-use ban for plastic cutlery, plates & bowls, polystyrene cups and clamshell containers came into effect on the 1st September 2021. Many food retailers had switched before the ban.

Within the program, we work with them on other items such as single-use coffee cups and lids, cold cups and lids, takeaway containers and water bottles. The program works with eliminating those single-use plastic items or switching over to certified compostable alternatives. 

To date, we have 50 members working with us to create behaviour change within their control. Our members have eliminated 38,425 pieces of plastic in 7 months. 

We want to work with more food retailers. Make contact today to start your single-use plastic-free journey. More single-use plastic bans will come, be ready, be at the forefront of any impending bans, make your change today to certified compostable products or reusables.  

You do not have to be single-use plastic-free to be a member. Joining and being a member is free. Join | Plastic Free CQ.

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