Capricorn Enterprise team ‘caught a break’ at Surf Lakes

The team from Capricorn Enterprise were excited to attend founder Aaron Travis’ birthday celebration at Surf Lakes last Saturday evening.

Joining over 200 guests, the ‘Hawaiian black tie’ event featured live music, a powerful welcome to Country, delicious food, a breathtaking sunset and of course, some perfectly generated waves.

Guests were provided with the history and future plans for the facility and treated with a ‘behind the scenes’ comical video of pro-surfer Mark Occhilupo (Occy) during a hard day’s work!

Raising funds for the charity Water, the team at Surf Lakes hosted an auction with funds directed towards bringing safe and clean water to every person on the planet. 

With Development Approval underway as a first step to make Surf Lakes Capricorn Coast a commercial venture, it was a privilege to be a part of this special event and see the biggest break in surf park innovation in action.

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L-R Krista Brown, Mary Carroll, Alyssah Anderson, Carmel Humphries, Frank Edwards, Lena Manerstrale, Brooke Tucker

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