Yurika’s new Digital Services are helping customers achieve extraordinary things

Yurika has launched Digital Services to bridge the gap between customers’ needs for energy solutions, communications and data management.

EGM Yurika Carly Irving said Yurika’s new stream of product offerings would help provide greater efficiencies and value creation opportunities for customers.

“Digital Services adds to the expertise Yurika uses to deliver products and projects through our Electrical Infrastructure, Energy Solutions, Metering, Telecoms and Energy Supplies streams,” Carly said.

“The new Digital Services stream offers planning and deployment of 5G technology through facilities access, Internet of Things and supporting professional services.”

“We’re adding new layers of data science, machine learning, cloud computing and artificial intelligence and providing applications that open up new opportunities for our customers.”

At the heart of Digital Services is Yurika’s Internet of Things platform that includes business process orchestration, device management, connectivity management and data collection.

“Our platform brings together data collected from customers’ assets to help them use and combine existing technology to solve new challenges,” Digital Services General Manager Grant Smith said.

“You can bring any sort of connectivity you like – we can deal with satellite, mobile broadband, low-band LORA type technology – to bring together any device and any sort of data.”

“It opens up a whole range of new possibilities that customers may not have considered.”

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