From Reef to Rainforest, Ch 9’s Getaway explores the Capricorn Coast, Southern Great Barrier Reef

Dropping anchor at Great Keppel Island and Byfield rainforest for four nights last week, presenter David Whitehill and cameraman Roger Price filming for Channel 9’s popular national lifestyle television show Getaway, spent their days exploring our blue and green natural assets.

Commissioned by Capricorn Enterprise, the pair were quick to jump on board Keppel Konnections, setting sail for our barefoot paradise – Great Keppel Island, where they took part in all the exciting activities on offer.

From an adrenaline-packed adventure with Keppel Explorer to ocean caves and remote sections of Keppel Bay, to catching up with the team from Keppel Dive and GKI Watersports and visitors from Norway, David and Roger were blessed with sunshine and magical days during their time along the Tropic of Capricorn.

The crew also witnessed other ways to explore the Southern Great Barrier Reef with Freedom Fast Cats glass bottom boat tour packed with visitors on the day.

Back on land, the pair laced up their runners and explored the islands web of walking tracks before settling in with a cocktail and tucker from Great Keppel Island Hideaway.

After spending the night in their island bungalow at Great Keppel Island Hideaway, the crew headed back to Rosslyn Bay, where they departed for the next part of their trip – Byfield.

First stop was Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary and Capricorn Dinosaur Mini Golf Yeppoon where the koalas were cuddly, monkeys were curious, and fabulous golfers…. well, were nowhere to be seen! 

David and Roger spent the next two nights hosted by John and Helen from Castle Rock Farm, where they explored the Farm via ATV and watched the sunset from Castle Rock.

They also visited Byfield General Store, Waterpark Creek, and Nob Creek Pottery during their stay, truly showcasing the diversity of this hidden gem.

Great Keppel Island and Byfield will be featured on Getaway across two on air dates – Friday, September 9th and Friday, November 12th.

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