Capricorn Enterprise launches new campaign enticing visitors for Beef2024 to ‘Stay a Little Longer’

With more than 120,000 visitors from across the nation and around the world embarking on the Capricorn Coast region in May to celebrate all things Beef, Capricorn Enterprise is excited to launch their ‘Stay a Little Longer’ campaign this week.

The multilayer digital destination marketing campaign, curated by local business Adz Power Agencies, is aimed at increasing visitors’ length of stay before, during and after Rockhampton’s biggest celebration of the beef industry, Beef2024.

The week-long major event, which observes accommodation in Rockhampton, Capricorn Coast and outlying areas reach 100% capacity, is the perfect opportunity to entice visitors to extend their stay to experience more of what our destination has to offer.

Targeting the dense cattle farming localities of Southern Queensland and Eastern Darling Downs, capturing markets from Gympie, west to Roma, Charleville, south to Cunnamulla, St George and Toowoomba, Capricorn Enterprise’s tourism marketing manager, Krista Brown is keen to showcase the diversity of the Capricorn Coast region, and encourage visitors to explore.

“The campaign incorporates the great work of one of Australia’s most well-known, highly accredited photographers, Sean Scott,” Krista said.

“We have focused on visuals highlighting our incredible Keppel Bay and Capricorn Coast waters, showing the opposite end of the spectrum to cattle and agriculture aspects that will be delivered to visitors during Beef2024.”

“Our messaging touches on the short and easily accessible distance between Rockhampton and the coast, showing visitors that they can come for Beef, and also see the reef,” Krista said.

Containing valuable information such as ‘must do’ lists, top seasonal activities, day trip itineraries, hot offers and more, campaign viewers intrigued by the visual marketing will be able to click through to obtain a full suite of planning tools.

The campaign will access AI marketing tools to target and re-market to individuals across the mapped locations, along with utilizing contextual targeting that will reach online publishers aligning with associated industries relating to cattle and farming.

“This campaign’s algorithms basically follow our ‘digital breadcrumbs’ created from online browsing habits and puts our advertising in front of people who have the greatest interest. In the case of this campaign, we are targeting an audience who have the greatest interest in cattle/agriculture, based on their web activity.”

“We are looking forward to delivering this three-month campaign to thousands of online audiences and providing them with the holiday inspiration to either plan an extension to their visit in May or schedule a holiday for next time.”

The ‘Stay a Little Longer’ campaign will run throughout February, March, and April.

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