Workshop – Money Magnet Masterclass

Workshop – Money Magnet Masterclass

Date(s) - 1 Sep 2017
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

CQIRP Conference Centre

Innovate Queensland invites you to boost your idea’s power to attract investment

proven strategies for attracting investment from public and private sources to fund the development of innovative ideas

Boost your idea’s power to attract investment. Learn how to communicate the potential value of your innovative ideas to grant assessors, venture capital firms, industry backers, and other potential project partners.

Both the Queensland and federal governments are offering unprecedented funding, tax incentives and other investment initiatives so that business can benefit from commercialising ideas and intellectual assets – but many innovators lack the confidence or know-how to successfully stimulate interest from financial supporters.

Having a game-changing idea isn’t enough. You need a clear value proposition, sound business case, and a solid understanding of what public and private investors expect from your pitch or proposal.

The Money Magnet Masterclass explains how to:

  • convince selection panels/investors of your idea’s value
  • pitch its market potential and your opportunity
  • structure an effective project plan
  • demonstrate capacity to deliver a return on investment
  • communicate your team’s capability
  • manage risks and remove ‘red flags’

Money Magnet Masterclass flyer

COST: Free


Resources, morning tea and lunch included

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