Call for Hashtag Help from Locals!

In the wake of Tropical Cyclone Marcia, the Capricorn Coast and Rockhampton are cleaning up at lightning speed with the majority of small businesses now OPEN!

In true Aussie, and more importantly Queenslander spirit, we’re all working together to get on with it. With this in mind, Capricorn Enterprise is asking for more of the same, in the very simple form of a hashtag to help promote POSITIVE images of our destination.

To help get the message out that we’re ready to welcome visitors in most instances, we’re asking people to #visitcapricorn.

During the past week there’s been an influx of locals sharing pictures and videos of TC Maria, with the message of this disaster reaching far and wide. Now it’s time to show these same people how great we’re doing, the fabulous weather we’re having, the areas that you love that have been cleaned up.

Capricorn Enterprise chief executive Mary Carroll says “We know people are already sharing positive images of the region, but by simply adding a few hashtags to these posts we can help amplify the message that the Capricorn Coast and Rockhampton is a wonderful place to visit, even now, and most definitely in the lead up to Easter, only weeks away.”

Not only does #visitcapricorn reach around 4,000 individuals, but these are then pulled on to our website with more than 10,000 visitors per month, plus, giving an enormous audience for this positive message. Add to this #southerngreatbarrierreef, #thisisqueensland, #seeaustralia, and there’s a potential for millions of visitors to see our beautiful region in all its glory.

“It’s really important for our local economy that visitors keep on coming. If our tourism operators and small businesses don’t have cash in the till, economic recovery will be much more difficult for them and their employees will be affected. We need to ensure that people help get the message out that we’re ready and able to welcome them. What better way to do this than locals helping locals in this very simple way.”

As the official body in charge of Destination Marketing, Capricorn Enterprise manage social media channels on:
Facebook –
Instagram –
Twitter –
YouTube –

Via these channels locals and visitors post positive images that capture our region’s essence, and show visitors the type of experiences they can find here.

For more information contact:
Mary Carroll, Chief Executive Officer
Capricorn Enterprise, Phone: 0417 669 286

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