Northern Australia Alliance in Nation’s Capital

Chairsnorther-australia-team and CEO’s of Capricorn Enterprise, Townsville Enterprise Ltd, Advance Cairns, NT Chamber of Commerce, Broome Future Ltd and Karratha District Chamber of Commerce and Industry met in the nation’s capital this week to present our annual Northern Australia Alliance (NAA) function at Parliament House with sincere thanks to co-host the Hon Senator Matthew Canavan, Minister for Northern Australia and Resources
The reception event followed the release of the Northern Australia Annual Statement (read full statement) delivered by Senator Canavan in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.
Northern Australia Mayors, Ministers, University and Industry partners were invited to attend our event to hear both the Minister and Shadow Minister provide bi-partisan support to the development of Northern Australia.

norther-australia-capricorn-team-with-pmNorthern Australia Infrastructure Fund (NAIF) Board Members and their recently appointed CEO, Cairns based Ms Laurie Walker were in attendance, with local business woman and NAIF Director Karla McPhail, Livingstone Mayor Bill Ludwig, Gladstone Mayor Matt Burnett, Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry, Member for Flynn Ken O’Dowd joining Capricorn Enterprise Chairman Graham Scott and CEO Mary Carroll at this most successful networking business event.

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry said “Our federal government is investing a lot on the nation’s north – including $132 million for Rockwood Weir that would benefit Rockhampton, Gladstone and Yeppoon and $3 million for a feasibility study into Urranah Dam near Mackay; as a well as $225,000 to improve water supply for Clermont.”

Senator Canavan said “Our northern policy is an unashamedly regional development policy.”

norther-australia-pm-and-grahamNote: Apologies had been received from Rockhampton Mayor Margaret Strelow, CQ University Vice Chancellor Scott Bowman and Growing Central Queensland Project Officer Ann Stunzner.



  • 60 per cent of Australia’s rainfall falls on the 40 per cent of our land mass that represents northern Australia.
  • Yet only around 2 per cent of that water is used at the moment.
  • The north is home to just over 5 per cent of our population but accounts for almost 12 per cent of our economic output.
  • norther-australia-pmBy 2030 more than two-thirds of the world’s middle class will be in Asia.
  • Northern Australia is home to 30 per cent of Australia’s Indigenous population.
  • Sixty per cent of our rainfall falls on the 40 per cent of our land mass that represents northern Australia. Yet only about 2 per cent of that water is used at the moment.


  • Establishment of a Major Projects Approval Agency in Darwin to create a ‘single point of entry’ for investors dealing with regulatory requirements.
  • Moved the Office of Northern Australia from Canberra to Darwin.
  • Establishment of a new $13.6 million Northern Australia Tourism Initiative under the Entrepreneurs’ Programme



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