Travel Writers Descend Upon Capricorn Coast!

From London to Sydney, travel writers have visited our stunning destination over the past few weeks and loved it!

Thanks to our partnership with Tourism and Events Queensland, our Capricorn Coast and Southern Great Barrier Reef Destination was included in a week long UK Media Whale Watch visit recently to a number of destinations in our Sunshine State.

Escorted by Grace Armitage based in the Tourism and Events Queensland’s UK office, four travel writers from ‘S Magazine’, Daily Mail/Mail Online, OKI Magazine and The Regional Magazine Company loved our destination. Our part of the familiarisation visit included one night at Salt Yeppoon and one night on Pumpkin Island, a magnificent dinner at Beaches Bistro (Rosslyn Bay Resort), amazing breakfast at the Waterline Restaurant (Keppel Bay Marina) as well as a catering dinner pack for the island. Little Johnny’s Tours did a great job looking after the transfers and delivered the group to their next southern location.

Our new UK friends informed me they definitely did not want to leave, which is always the best result from any media visit!

Last week, Capricorn Enterprise hosted travel writer and author, Libby-Jane Charleston from the Huffington Post in Sydney. Writing about Holidays with Kids, this lovely lady actually did holiday with her own three teenage boys for a week at Dolphin House at Great Keppel Island Holiday Village.

I must admit, I knew the competition was high when I learned that these three very well travelled teenage boys from Sydney have visited a number of resort islands in both Queensland and overseas.

When departing from the Rocky airport, the verdict was not only that Great Keppel Island was the best, but the family is already planning their next holiday!

Apart from Great Keppel Island’s natural beauty and crystal clear waters, there are a few people to thank for this result. Brett and Amy Lorraway at GKI Adventures took the family jet skiing and hosted a 4WD tour around the island’s tracks, including to the Old Homestead and Long Beach, whilst Geoff Mercer at GKI Holiday Village did what he does best – be Geoff!

The boys loved the wildlife (particularly the curlews) and the stories told about the island. Libby-Jane can’t wait to write about their ‘back to basics’ island experience – leave the phones at home and just enjoy nature at its best on an affordable sub-tropical island with great hospitality!

Transfers to and from the island to fit in with flights were thanks to alternate arrangements organised by Keppel Konnections. Terry from Keppel Dreams provided a personalised sail to the island and Freedom Fastcat’s Wild Duck provided a very quick trip home.

A visit to the Koorana Crocodile Farm was also a huge hit! The family had never before been to a croc farm and just loved learning about these prehistoric creatures. According to the boys, the takeaway croc pie on the way to the airport was a 9.5 out of 10 compared to other pies too!

It’s well worth working on public holidays and weekends when the results are this good. Well, it’s not really work when new visitors to our destination fall in love with our home!

Until next time…
Mary Carroll
Chief Executive Officer




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