Launch of Central Events Platform first for destination and Queensland!

Another first for the Capricorn region (stretching from the Central Highlands to the Keppel Islands), has been announced today by Capricorn Enterprise, the region’s peak tourism and economic development organisation.

Whilst launching a brand new leisure website this week, Capricorn Enterprise has also launched its integration with a central Events Platform which automatically draws events data from the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) as well as other websites and social media pages (like Facebook) listing numerous community, leisure and sporting events right across the region. 

Capricorn Enterprise chief executive Mary Carroll said “from Local Government Authority websites and their venues to Sporting Clubs and regional Media Outlets and dozens of event/venue/club Facebook pages, the Capricorn event hub pulls in event content to one consolidated events platform.”

One of 5 key recommendations in the 2011 Capricorn Business & Events Industry Development Strategy, was to have ONE master events calendar for the region but this has not been technically possible, or affordable, until now.

“To have one master events calendar for the region has been a desire for years, but only this year have we found a digital company which could achieve this functionality by integrating their EveriEventHub technology with the national tourism events data-base” she said.

Community, leisure, sporting events along with concerts and special events are now all integrated into this one events platform in the categories of Featured Events, Music, Arts, Educational, Festivals, Lifestyle and Sports on our new leisure website” she said.

The EveriEventHub, a national events website platform ( was developed by a Melbourne based company with mainly local government clients predominantly in Victoria and NSW.  The company has been active in Queensland with their Jobslink platform which was adopted by Livingstone Shire Council in March 2017. 

Livingstone Shire Council and Capricorn Enterprise identified an opportunity to use the technology already developed and patented by the EveriEventHub in response to a need to pull events information from numerous leisure and community events calendars across the region into one.                               

Ms Carroll said “our Queensland web developer worked with the EveriEventHub team to develop the code necessary to make this integration possible.  We believe this is a FIRST not just for our region, but also for Queensland.

“It will take a while for the search engine rankings to elevate our leisure website events listings to the top in google, but it will happen.  This will assist not just visitors to our destination, but locals to find out about all events happening in Yeppoon, Emu Park, Rockhampton, Emerald and everywhere in between.

“Whilst we have collated numerous websites and social media pages from across the region, including other event platforms and venues, if we have missed any, we can easily add them.  We encourage all our locals to check out “ she said.

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