Rookwood Weir – Priority!

The state election campaign was stepped up last week with the announcement by the LNP that, if elected, they will fund $130 Million to match the Federal Government’s $130 Million to construct the Rookood Weir.

Advancing the Development of Rookwood Weir via the Growing Central Queensland Initiative has been a PRIORITY of Capricorn Enterprise since January 2014 when the Project – along with an additional six critical projects – was endorsed by its Board of Directors.

Initiative 5 = Agricultural Precincts – developing and promoting the region as a major agricultural ‘food bowl’ for the nation.

Since that time a tremendous amount of work has been attributed to the development of Rookwood Weir which, when completed, will:

  • enable approximately 20,000ha to be opened up for intensive agricultural production along the Fitzroy River and its tributaries
  • create opportunities to value add agricultural product locally
  • guarantee Rockhampton and Livingstone Council’s water supplies into the future
  • guarantee a water supply for the continued growth of Gladstone
  • create up to 2100 permanent jobs across the region.

The Fitzroy Basin is the largest catchment flowing to the nation’s eastern seaboard and underpins the region’s agricultural production. The Fitzroy, Dawson, Nogoa, Mackenzie and Isaac-Connors river systems provide excellent water security should appropriate storage infrastructure be constructed.

Endorsed by all Central Queensland Regional Mayors in September 2014, the development of critical infrastructure on the Fitzroy River (Rookwood Weir) has been endorsed by all levels of Government as a Priority with the Federal Government promising $130M for the Project for work to commence.

For the region to reach its full economic potential, essential infrastructure provision will be imperative to allow expansion and diversification of agricultural pursuits, resulting in employment creation which in turn supports population growth and for the reduction in the cost of doing business which in turn supports private sector investment.

MEDIA RELEASE:  171107_Capricorn Enterprise strongly supports Rookwood Weir

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