Our Locals Love Tourists!

Capricorn residents (Central Highlands, Rockhampton region, Capricorn Coast) are significantly more likely than the average Queenslander to agree that tourism has a positive impact on the community.

63% of residents agree that tourism has a positive impact on the community, compared with 43% in Queensland.

This is according to the third Social Indicators Study (2010, 2013, 2017) conducted by Tourism and Events Queensland, interviewing over 3,000 residents throughout the Sunshine State, with 200 respondents in the Capricorn region.

Commonly used words from local residents when thinking about our area are “quiet, friendly, peaceful, community and great”, with many interviewed in Rockhampton identifying strongly with the ‘Beef Capital’.

Capricorn Enterprise chief executive Mary Carroll said “when asked about the positive impacts of tourism, an incredible 97% believe that tourism has important economic benefits, creating employment and new business and 93% believe that tourism brings greater cultural diversity.”

“It is very encouraging to see that 72% of residents want our area to attract more tourists and 64% of residents are happy to see continued growth in tourism development, with 64% of residents stating they really like tourists.”

“This research demonstrates an substantial 11% increase in residents wanting to see more visitors here than in 2013, (61% in 2013 compared to 72% in 2017). This clearly demonstrates an increased awareness and acceptance in our local communities, from the Central Highlands to the Keppel Islands, that tourism is a major economic driver for our destination” she said.

“93% of residents believe that festivals and events attract visitors and 89% of residents stated that tourism increases our regional profile, which are much better results than Queensland overall” she said.

Source: Tourism and Events Queensland, Social Indicators Survey 2017

Mary Carroll, CEO Capricorn Enterprise

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