Regional Projects to Pave Way for Positive 2018 and Beyond

It is with a high degree of anticipation that I predict a positive period ahead for our region (2018 – 2022) which will result in more employment opportunities, local industry participation plus economic stability and growth for the region.

Whilst I acknowledge that many of the foreshadowed projects will be keenly contested by companies outside of our region, the new direction of our State and National Governments will ultimately result in greater opportunity and participation by regionally based contractors due to the new emphasis on ‘local participation and content’.

Local contractors and businesses that will be bidding for these opportunities, however, need to be well aware of the likely competition that they will attract, plus demonstrate capability, competitiveness and pre-qualification to be successful.

Capricorn Enterprise continues to support local business with advanced notice on regional projects and is working closely with a number of project proponents to ensure local industry participation. Instances of this include:

  • Australian Defence Force (ADF) Shoalwater Bay MTA Projects: We expect that an announcement in relation to the successful tenderer for Shoalwater Bay Remediation Project (>$135M) will be made in the coming weeks.  Although understanding that all tenderers for this contract are from ‘out of region’, we are working closely with tenderers to ensure that all associated work packages are designed to result in local participation.
  • The second and largest contract to emerge in the coming months for Shoalwater Bay is the ADF/SAF MTI Project, reported to be valued at in excess of $1Billion.  Although this Project remains in the ‘development phase’, a number of recognised Defence Primes have been enlisting our support on issues such as industry/business introductions, understanding local capability, industry training and development, familiarisations etc.
  • Upcoming information sessions and forums aligned to Defence Projects are scheduled for Wednesday March 7th Industry Update and Forum plus March 14th Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) Industry Forum.
  • Capricornia Correctional Centre Expansion Project: CPB has been appointed by the State Government to manage this $200M Project and works are scheduled to commence soon. Work packages and project registration(s) via the ICN Gateway Portal. This is a great opportunity for local businesses to be involved.
  • Highway Projects to commence in 2018: Two important road infrastructure projects are to commence this year, both are on our ‘doorstep’ and I expect high level of interest from local contractors and suppliers.
    • The Bruce Highway Northern Access Upgrade is a $121M project to duplicate approximately 4.9km of the Highway between Rockhampton – Yeppoon road intersection and Terranova Drive – north of Rockhampton. The project is due to commence in the second half of 2018 and be completed late 2019.
    • Capricorn Highway – Rockhampton to Gracemere Duplication: Another project due for commencement this year is the duplication of the Highway between Rockhampton and Gracemere, a highly anticipated project for not only the residents of Gracemere but the Central Queensland Region. On our latest information this $75M project will be a ‘design and construct” contract and due to commence late 2018.  I expect that both of these projects will attract interest from a broad selection of our civil contractors and suppliers.
  • Lower Fitzroy River Infrastructure Project (construction of Rookwood Weir and associated infrastructure) with an announcement by the State Government on the 9th of February 2018 that they will match 50 per cent of the construction costs ($176m) if the Federal government commit the balance of $352.2m total cost. Rookwood Weir has been one of our Priority initiatives for a number of years and it is very rewarding to see our State and National Governments agree on funding arrangements for the project to progress with overall benefits to be experienced in the years to come.
  • Also emerging in recent times are the Wind and Solar Projects planned for the Clark Creek region (within Livingstone and Isaac Councils). Reported to be valued at in excess of $800M, we are liaising with the project proponents in anticipation of a 2018 commencement and local business/industry participation.

If you wish to know more about how to get involved, contact our Regional Economic development Manager, Neil Lethlean for further information on 07 4927 2055.

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