Supporting Regional Diversity and Opportunities: St Ursula’s C2C Event for Year 10 Students

As a regionally focused organisation, Capricorn Enterprise is proud of its overall support for regional diversity – not only within the primary focus areas of Tourism and Economic Development, but to the ever increasing diversity of our economy and social fabric.

From engaging with industry and promoting business opportunities in one of the first major projects included in $3.5 billion of planned infrastructure activity for our local area, to promoting digital mentoring for tourism operators, and promoting the region through social media to supporting local high school students, a quick review of last week’s engagements highlights what a small team of dedicated staff undertake as part of a fairly normal period of activity.  

Two of these engagements, in particular, demonstrate the strong commitment Capricorn Enterprise has to promoting the development of our region.

St Ursula’s C2C Event for Year 10 Students 

Communications to Careers (or C2C as it’s commonly called) is a school-based program originating from the Rockhampton Innovation Networking Group (RING).

C2C events link regionally based senior students (years 10 – 12) to career opportunities via short interviews with business owners/managers, senior Government representatives plus independent agencies such as Capricorn Enterprise.  Objectively the interviews are framed to encourage two-way conversation between the student and business representative.

Fifty-seven St Ursula’s College Year 10 Students participated in last Tuesdays C2C Event – communicating with thirty-five business representatives from twenty-two independent organisations.

Opportunities for students to engage directly with business and industry help to develop their confidence and interview skills as well as alerting them to possibilities and job prospects that they may not have otherwise considered.

You’re invited to participate in the next C2C event at Rockhampton State High School on Monday 10th June 2019.

The value in C2C is highlighted via the feedback that students provide:

‘I now have more confidence and knowledge of how to approach someone’

‘Increased my confidence and made me feel at ease’

‘I met people from lots of industries that I hadn’t considered an option before, it presented me with new career ideas’

‘Has given me the opportunity to communicate well’

‘I feel more prepared now that I have collected some information on the future’

‘I now know what employers are looking for’

‘Introduced me to careers I didn’t know of, which broadened my horizons’

‘Made connections and have a deeper understanding with all the careers’

‘Gave me an understanding of how to speak confidently to employers’

‘I now know what to do to increase my employability and prepare for an interview’

‘Helped me to work on my communication skills’

‘It taught me how to be confident but not cocky’

‘I can now speak to adults I am not familiar with’

‘Employers gave useful information about topics I was interested in and great current advise about employability and opportunities’

‘It gave me the opportunity to learn more about the skills needed for different careers’

‘Expanded my knowledge about marketing and advertising which therefore helped me for my future’


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