Major Regional Projects – keeping you informed

Capricorn Enterprise is committed to keeping our members and the wider community abreast of the latest project news across the region, resulting in a recently updated, easy-to-navigate, user-friendly Major Regional Projects webpage –

The Major Regional Projects webpage is a one-stop-shop to the latest information on the $3.6 billion worth of infrastructure projects encompassing Livingstone and Rockhampton Council areas including the Carmichael Coal Project, Clarke Creek Wind and Solar Project, Rookwood Weir, Defence Projects and Highway Upgrades.

In 2020, as projects continue to progress, commence or finalise, Capricorn Enterprise will remain plugged-in to key project movements and trends, providing the most accurate, up-to-date information.

With direct links to infographics, project reports, timelines and upcoming forums and functions, we invite you to save the page in your favourites and discover ‘what’s happening’ across our industry.

We are extremely interested in what you think. Capricorn Enterprise collates our information relying upon external sources, so if you see something that we haven’t covered, please get in touch.

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