BREAKING NEWS: Altum announces GKI path to future!

After an eventful fortnight of what could have resulted in Altum walking away from the GKI Resort Revitalisation, instead they have revised their budget for common user infrastructure for Stages 1 and 2, based on advice from Capricorn Enterprise, State MP Brittany Lauga, Livingstone Shire Council and community stakeholders over the past 24 hours.

Altum’s commitment to this extremely complex yet critical Regional Priority Project is to be commended and they have the full support of this Organisation.

Here’s a quick summary of recent events with hyperlinks:

Monday 8th February GKI Progress Association held a community event at Beaches Bistro, Rosslyn Bay

Wednesday 10th Feb – GKI Progress Association wrote to LSC requesting it support Stages One and Two of Common User Infrastructure to enable the construction of the GKI Resort (GKI Progress Association letter to LSC)

Friday 12th Feb – LSC posted a “Have Your Say” notice on its website which linked two documents, Livingstone Shire Council GKI Priority Community Infrastructure Projects January 2021 and GKI Progress Association letter

Friday 12th Feb – LSC sought a formal response from Capricorn Enterprise regarding the letter GKI Progress Association (Capricorn Enterprise letter to LSC)

Tuesday 23rd Feb  – GKI Progress Association published an on-line poll and within a week, 1500 people had signed the petition (Petition)

Tuesday 2nd March – LSC convened a Special Meeting with a detailed report and recommendation presented by Officers.

CLICK HERE to view the hour long meeting, at which Cr Hutton declared a ‘conflict of interest’ and left the room.  Crs Belot and Lynch were deemed to have a ‘perceived conflict of interest’ and were voted to leave the room.  Mayor Ireland and Crs Mather, Friend and Eastwood debated a number of amendments before voting upon a final recommendation.




Altum Director Rob McCready said: “We’ve listened to what Councillors said in the meeting on Tuesday and have had multiple conversations with stakeholders. We’ve gone back to the list of infrastructure which Ms Lauga announced on August 18th and have been able to re-work our budget to deliver not only everything that the local MP announced, but also incorporate most of Council’s wishlist.”

“We’ve done this by pushing back some of the items from our early works list to be delivered down the track. In doing this, we are confident that we can deliver everything deemed to be a priority by the Councillors in the room yesterday including the ferry terminal and barge ramp for safety and access.”

“This list of works has been costed in the market, they are real costs for the infrastructure which can be delivered on time and on budget.  These costings have come from proven, regional Queensland contractors. We will be working with the State Government and Council as to how best to deliver the list as soon as possible and have written to both Keppel MP and Livingstone Shire Council with our revised budget and list.”

The revised infrastructure list and budget proposed by Altum for the $30m State Government commitment, which will ensure the Resort re-building project goes ahead, is:

  • A breakwall to facilitate environmentally sustainable and safe, all weather access for passenger, ferries, boats and barges within which the barge ramp and ferry terminal will be located.
  • Water supply and treatment infrastructure.
  • Roads containing reticulated power, water and sewerage lines and rehabilitation of existing walking trails and build new walking trails.
  • Communications infrastructure.
  • Cyclone rated ferry terminal with floating landing pontoons.
  • Barge slant boat ramp (is included in Altum infrastructure list).
  • Solar power with backup generators.
  • Visitor facilities including amenities, shade and seating which will form part of the refurbishment of the existing main Resort building.
  • New viewing platform/lookout

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