Exceptional results for the Capricorn region reflected in latest visitation data

Seeking the wide-open spaces, natural landscapes, endless stretches of white sandy beaches, and memorable experiences featuring boldly across our destination, a total number of 1.109 million visitors spent a total of $535 million ($483 per visitor) across an average stay of 3.5 nights (3.905 million total nights) to the year ending June 2021.

After receiving ongoing positive intel from tourism operators across the region over the course of the COVID crisis, the latest National Visitor Survey (NVS) data released for the year ending June 2021 by Tourism Research Australia (TRA) confirms what we already know – that the Capricorn region is experiencing extraordinary visitation results.

In the face of the continuing COVID crisis adamant to keep borders closed across the nation’s States and Territories, as well as terminating international travel, our special part of the world continues to be a popular getaway for holiday makers, together with business travelers and those sharing time friends and family.

Capricorn Enterprise CEO, Mary Carroll remains delighted in our resilient tourism industry operators who have triumphed through the adversity providing exceptional ‘on the ground’ experiences and who continue to work hard for not only their own businesses, but the entire destination.

“Despite the initial March to June 2020 period of closures and subsequent border lockdowns, the entire industry continues to see exceptional visitation results, primarily due to our wonderfully diverse tourism offerings, together with a broad range of targeted strategic marketing efforts,” Mary said.

“Our region continues to receive record intrastate (within Queensland) visitors, with an incredible growth from the Sunshine Coast, who are an easy day’s drive away and loving the similarities in Yeppoon and the Capricorn Coast particularly.”

“Of the total visitors to the Capricorn region, the breakdown is roughly a third holiday, a third visiting friends and family (VFR) and a third business, with our average length of stay the highest (4.4 nights) in the VFR market,” Mary said.

The Southern Great Barrier Reef destination (made up of the Capricorn, Gladstone and Bundaberg regions combined) welcomed a total of 2.1 million visitors to the year ending June 2021. Impressively, nearly 53% of all visitors to SGBR are visiting the Capricorn region. This has grown from just under 51% two years ago.

With the drive market a solid source of domestic travel, the Capricorn region is fortunate to have 5 key touring routes (Inland Way, Leichardt Way, Country Way, Pacific Coast Way, and the Capricorn Way) traversing a number of major towns and locations.

“Travel in 2021 has changed considerably and the good old fashioned road trip has become a popular, sought-after holiday option for many Queenslanders,” Mary said. “And in the heart of Queensland’s drive routes, Central Queensland and the Southern Great Barrier Reef is graced with numerous homegrown alternatives to some of the most famous attractions across the globe,” Mary said. 

“This, teamed with nearly $5 billion worth of major projects currently underway, has been our silver lining amongst a global pandemic.”

Operators across the region have once again reported a bumper September school holiday period with many accommodation, tour and attraction operators reaching capacity. Restaurants and retailers have also seen a boost over the past fortnight as families enjoyed the break.

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