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Passionate locals set to screen on Channel 9’s My Way in 2024

Capricorn Enterprise has once again partnered with Channel 9’s popular television program ‘My Way’ to showcase the journey of six (6) passionate locals. Filming in destination this week, the crew have been working from dawn to dusk to capture the… Read more »

Freedom Fast Cats features on Channel 9’s My Way Sunday, 22nd October 2023

The Capricorn Coast destination returns to screens this weekend, with Freedom Fast Cats making a splash and showcasing our stunning Keppel Bay waters. Sharing his passion, success and challenges from the last 24 years, Max Allen Jnr will take viewers on an… Read more »

Fall in love with St Aubins Village this Sunday 5th Feb on My Way

Watch the aired St Aubins Village story here – It’s the story of a ‘happily ever after’ that saved a piece of Rockhampton’s history, and this Sunday at 5.30pm, Australia’s award-winning venue dials up the romance on Channel 9’s… Read more »

My Way shares the colourful story of local artist, Jet James

Jet’s story on My Way can be seen here – After moving to Rockhampton at the age of 19, Jet James made a decision to put his heart and soul into what he did best, and soon became an… Read more »

Jeremy Marou shares his backyard with My Way

He is a musician, youth worker and grandnephew of land rights advocate, Eddie ‘Koiki’ Mabo. With a proud Torres Strait Islander heritage, popular local Jeremy Marou was delighted to spend two days with the crew from Channel 9’s lifestyle program,… Read more »

Banana Beef receives a moo-ving tribute on Channel 9’s My Way

Episode 6 of My Way featuring Richard and Libbie Wilson is now online here – “We live in the Beef Capital of Australia and our local restaurants should be setting the benchmark for the best dining experience in the… Read more »

Meet Michelle and Simon from Carnarvon Gorge this week on My Way

With over twenty years of experience based on the iconic Queensland landscape of Carnarvon Gorge, Michelle and Simon from Carnarvon Gorge Eco-Tours are proud to share their story this Sunday at 5:30pm on Channel 9’s lifestyle show, My Way. Episode… Read more »

Great Keppel Island’s Geoff Mercer features on Channel 9’s My Way

The episode featuring Geoff is now on 9Now at this link: After landing on Great Keppel Island over 43 years ago, Geoff took hold of the reigns of Great Keppel Island Holiday Village in 1998. His passion for his… Read more »

Channel 9’s My Way takes refuge among the Ferns

Episode 1 of My Way Series 3 (featuring Marto and Gen from Ferns Hideaway Resort) is now available here – My Way Season 3 Ep 1 Episode 1, Watch TV Online ( It’s Central Queensland’s very own idyllic retreat proudly… Read more »

CH 9 “My Way” features our local pioneers

Post updated 23 March 2021 Log in to 9Now to watch all local segments featuring our local pioneers: Nob Creek Pottery, Byfield – Aired Sunday 21st Feb – Rubyvale Gem Gallery, Sapphire Gemfields – Aired Sunday 28th Feb – Astronomers… Read more »