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The Humpback Whales are now on the move. And just in time for school holidays…

Local Whale Watch operators have advised clear sightings on this morning’s tours just off the Capricorn Coast.

Every year between July and September, we are fortunate to pay homage to these marvellous passing ocean giants. Migrating from the cold Antarctic waters in the south to warmer climates in the north, the Humpback commune’s eight kilometre per hour adventure steers right past our doorstep!

And they are hard to miss…

Humpbacks can grow approximately 15-18 metres long and can weigh a whopping 30-40 tonnes – that’s 11 elephants or 20 cars!

Humpback Whales are a favourite among whale watchers, as they are incredible acrobats. From breaching (jumping out of the water) to slapping the surface with their fins, tails or heads, these magnificent mammals will ensure unforgettable memories this school holiday.

6 Reasons you need to take your kids whale watching in Keppel Bay this holiday

When you’re a kid, everything seems big. Imagine how amazing it is for a child to see something as huge as a whale. Seeing a whale for the first time is something a child will never forget, and we are lucky to have these amazing creatures in our local waters.

Here are some whale-sized reasons to take your kid’s whale watching in Keppel Bay these school holidays.

  1. Skip the crowds

What’s unique to the Capricorn Coast is we can provide visitors with the experience of whale watching without the hustle and bustle of some of the larger tourist destinations. Whale Watching in Keppel Bay provides also provides visitors with the opportunity to witness these majestic giants against a truly spectacular backdrop of clear turquoise waters and unspoilt, white sandy beaches to of Keppel Island’s frame the view.

  1. Whale watching creates awesome family memories

This is a day that the whole family will love, and one that you will be talking about for years to come. Whales are big, and they create a big imprint on the hearts of all ages. To see whales up close is truly a memorable and special experience, and one your kids should experience. A whale watching tour with Freedom Fast CatsKeppel Konnections or Keppel Explorer from the Capricorn Coast with the family is the perfect way to truly appreciate these grand mammals.

  1. Kids love whales

Whales are both graceful and playful. Kids (and adults) are awe-inspired by their playful spy hopping, fin slapping and tail lobbing. Kids just love getting up close with the huge splashes and acrobatic breaches in the Keppel Bay.

  1. Give the kids some Vitamin SEA

There are proven scientific health benefits to be gained from spending time on the ocean, especially when you add in a connection with wildlife to the mix. For a relaxing and joy-filled day, book a whale watching tour and watch your Vitamin SEA levels soar.

  1. Learn by getting wet and wild.

A whale watching tour gets you so near to these incredible creatures in the wild. This is your chance to have an amazing day out on the water, learn so much about whales and teach your kids about the wellbeing of wildlife. The day will leave you and the kids educated and enthused about our wonderful Mother Nature.

       6. Whales are amazing.

If you need another reason, then surely this one will get you ready to head out onto the waters of Keppel Bay. From breaches, to tail slapping whales are nothing short of amazing. A whale watching tour is absolutely the best way to let your kids get so near to these incredible creatures in the wild.

When to go? Right now! Whale watching season in the Keppel Bay runs from July to October (with most whales generally spotted in August and September).

There are plenty of hotspots on the mainland to witness these beautiful creatures. Head up to Wreck Point Scenic Lookout, Double Head at Rosslyn Bay, Singing Ship Monument at Emu Park or stay at any of the beachfront accommodation along the Coastline to catch a glimpse.

But on board a whale watching tour is the best way to get up close with these majestic giants. Book your tour now, with one of these amazing tour experiences!

Keppel Konnections
Freedom Fast Cats
Keppel Explorer

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