Capricorn Enterprise urges the community to support local business

Buy local, support local – we’ve all heard it before…

But as many of our local businesses begin to feel the pressure of the current global crisis, it is more important than ever that as a community, we get out and support those valued operators who continue to bring unique character to our destination.

And while right now our priority is on keeping vulnerable people safe, it seems that the economic impact will be with us for much longer than the virus.

Capricorn Enterprise CEO, Mary Carroll is asking locals to not abandon our local businesses who are beginning to hurt through cancellations of accommodation and tours, which in turn, affects restaurants, cafes and retail outlets.

“No industry is immune to the COVID-19 issue, with many corporate companies banning travel in the immediate future, other large companies ordering employees to remotely work from home, and interruptions to the supply chain across all sectors.”

“In this challenging time, it is important for us to stand together and support each other whilst continuing to exercise social distance and self-care,” said Mary.

By simply dining at your local café or restaurant, buying takeaway meals and coffee, booking a weekend getaway at a rainforest or island cabin, city or coastal unit, or considering to buy now and stay later in order to help stimulate cash flow, you are directly contributing to the health and sustainability of our local community.

“Through your support of locally owned businesses now, you’re not only supporting the local economy, but keeping people in jobs,” said Mary.

Shopping locally through times of crisis indirectly supports tourism as continuity and consistency allows local business to thrive and keep their doors well and truly open for future visitors of our region to enjoy.

“Our destination is sprinkled with loads of open aired, tranquil spaces for you and your family to enjoy, so now is the time to take advantage of deals and discounts on offer,” said Mary.

“Local business is the heart of our community and although the priority right now is community health and safety, it’s important to stay focussed, not panic and keep supporting where you can.”

A collaborative community approach and support of our favourite small businesses will help many of our distinct operators stay afloat over the coming months, through a highly challenging period.

Capricorn Enterprise commends the State and Federal Governments for their quick response in protecting the local economy through the announcement of stimulus packages and loan facilities, along with the extension of the payroll tax deferral to all businesses across the state.

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