The Feel Good Family are back exploring our marvellous destination

From discovering expertly crafted collections at Nob Creek Pottery to experiencing the tranquil yet vibrant lifestyle on offer at Ferns Hideaway Resort, Katie, Paul and Jasper are proud to return to the Southern Great Barrier Reef destination, sharing their family friendly escapades with the world.

The FGF basked in the beauty of this Byfield gem, taking the Canadian canoes along the banks of the pristine Waterpark Creek, before spending some time with passionate owners Gen and John Martin, learning about the origins of the 30 year old Resort.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Ferns getaway without taking to the stage with Ferns’ resident muso! Check out their Byfield Family Travel Australia episode here –

From exploring Byfield to onboarding the Pumpkin Xpress, the FGF spent some golden time at one of Australia’s best-kept secrets. Sit back and watch their island discoveries here –

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