Capricorn Enterprise Industry Group providing links to supply chain opportunities

Leadership, commitment, and collaboration was a robust basis for the formalisation of the Capricorn Enterprise Industry Group (CEIG), welcoming a range of key professionals from a variety of backgrounds working to promote local industry and supply chain capability, develop strategies to accommodate skill shortages, act as a proactive lobby group, and influence legislation and ‘red tape’ regulations impacting on regional development.

Building from the success and accomplishment of many other Queensland regional centres who have benefitted from industry collaboration, CEIG members across private and public sectors are set to implement strategies and find solutions to securing growth, partnership opportunities and accelerate desired infrastructure projects that benefit our local communities and provide economic stimulus to ensure our region continues moving forward.

Acknowledging the emerging opportunities on our doorstep due to an unprecedented infrastructure investment of over $4 billion, Capricorn Enterprise has been collaborating for years to harness regional business capacity and capability with linkages to all major projects currently underway.

Capricorn Enterprise Regional Development Manager, Neil Lethlean said, “The CEIG is working in partnership with relevant industry stakeholders in sectors such as education, health, food and agriculture, professional services and manufacturing, to facilitate an expanded economic base for the region.”

“This can be achieved by promoting the region as a location to live, work and play, investigating new economic opportunities, promoting best practice principals and facilitating development and training initiatives that support industry growth and wellbeing.”

Providing a corridor for industry players to access the decision-makers and drivers of major projects and the significant sectors within our region, the CEIG is harnessing the knowledge, experience and capability of members presenting a unified and professional interface for those major project proponents moving into the region as well as established industry sectors seeking to maximise local content and involvement.

Capricorn Enterprise CEO, Mary Carroll said, “Capricorn Enterprise Industry Group and other industry groups in Queensland such as Toowoomba Surat Basin Enterprise, Central Highlands Development Corporation, Gladstone Engineering Alliance, Townsville Enterprise and Mackay/Whitsunday’s Resource Industry Network and Greater
Whitsunday Alliance, support their associated regions through a very simple strategy of assisting businesses of all sizes grow and working together to promote the sustainable economic growth.”

“Recognising the importance of investment attraction, economic growth, and infrastructure development, independent industry groups contribute to relocating a broad range of businesses to their regions, increased job growth plus supporting vital infrastructure developments,” Mary said.

“Locally, initial work with specific industry sectors within Livingstone and Rockhampton Local Government Area’s has identified the significant direct and indirect contribution that service industries add to our region in both employment and the economic value add.”

Data for the Health Care and Social Assistance and Education and Training industries show that these sectors were important contributors to total employment (50,727 persons) and the total value added by industry ($5,712.6M) to our region in 2018/19. In comparison, Mining had employment of 817 persons (1.6%) and value added of $483.3M (8.5%) while Construction had employment of 4,937 persons (9.7%) and value added of $498.6M (8.7%).

Members of the Capricorn Enterprise Industry Group are:
(L-R) Colin Strydom, Jason Spence, Prue Saxby, Chris Bloxsom (Chair), Laurence Stitt, Wayne Litherland

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