Labor vs LNP – Regional tourism a winner in election promises


Within days during the state election campaign, both major parties have announced additional funding support for the thirteen (13) Regional Tourism Organisations in Queensland, recognizing the need to provide support to industry at the grass roots level.

As in most election commitments, the devil will be in the detail, but after discussing the announcements directly with the offices of both the Tourism Minister and Shadow Tourism Minister, the announcements are quite different.

LABOR TOURISM POLICY – An additional $74 Million over four years

• $20 million Queensland Tourism Activation Fund (additional $5M per yr over 4 years)

• $20 million events boost to attract more events for Queensland. This investment will include $14 million for major events and $1.5 million a year for business events (additional over 4 years)

• $15 million to Tourism and Events Queensland for a marketing blitz to encourage travellers to experience Queensland (additional $3.75M per yr over 4 years)

• $15 million regional tourism organisation fund to provide a special one-off funding injection to regional tourism organisations (similar to the additional Restart Funds post Covid-19, $3.75 Million per year, currently administered via TEQ, would be distributed to the 13 RTOs – based upon the current formula, this would equate to approx. $190,000 per annum to smaller RTO’s including Capricorn Enterprise)

• $4 million to deliver business capability training and future proofing the industry (this is a continuation of an annual $1 Million fund currently administered by QTIC)

Read the Labor Media release:

Read the Labor 2020 Policy Document:

LNP TOURISM ANNOUNCEMENT – an additional $50 Million available immediately

• $50 million available ONLY to the thirteen (13) Regional Tourism Organisations to apply until the funds are exhausted for destination marketing which might also include capacity building/industry development/event support/human resources.

This announcement has a ‘de-centralized’ focus to enable regions to specifically apply for funds which would allow regions to implement additional Destination Tourism Plan initiatives important to their specific region.

Read the LNP Media release:

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