The Great Reef Census

Join Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef for the Journey

Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef have launched the Great Reef Census; a world-first citizen science effort to survey the Great Barrier Reef! 

Take a look at the launch videoshare it on Facebook and follow along at @citizensgbr to check out the action out on the water and learn more about the science behind the project!

A diverse range of vessels from tourism and dive boats, to research ships and superyachts are on the Great Barrier Reef capturing data to help support reef management and conservation.  In a massive collaborative effort over the next 10-weeks, the Great Reef Census will survey a wide range of Reefs from the Swains in the south to the remote Far North. 

Every boat, every citizen, every reef. 

In November, Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef will call on reef lovers and citizen scientists around the world to log on and help to analyse the census images online. This is a fun and simple task that anyone can do, contributing to important reef research and joining a global community of people taking action to protect our most precious natural icon.

More to come on how you can get involved at

Throughout the Great Reef Census, Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef will be sharing updates from the boats and people involved in this huge collaborative project, so stay tuned for recap videos, science FAQs and fun project updates over on @citizensgbr

Launch video

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