Capricorn region residents love where they live!

The 2021 Social Indicators Study conducted by Tourism and Events Queensland, has revealed that Capricorn residents, comprising of Capricorn Coast, Rockhampton region and Central Queensland Highlands, are significantly more likely than the average Queenslander to agree that tourism has a positive impact on the community.

Intended to inform the decision making of state and local authorities, as well as tourism bodies such as Capricorn Enterprise, the Study revealed that almost two thirds (63%) of residents agree that tourism has a positive impact on the community, compared with 41% in Queensland.

The Social Indicators Study, which examines the social impacts of tourism on the local community, as perceived by its residents, surveyed 200 residents across the destination (3305 in Queensland), observing views on tourism and respondent’s sentiments towards tourism within their local area.

When thinking about the area in which they live, many residents used words showing a warm, positive attitude with descriptors such as ‘quiet’, ‘friendly town’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘beaches’ rating highly. Rockhampton locals also identified strongly with the ‘Beef Capital’ expression.

The Study revealed that the majority (57%) of Capricorn residents ‘enjoy living here’ and a third (28%) ‘really like’ living in the area with seven in ten (71%) happy with the continued growth in tourism.

Capricorn Enterprise CEO, Mary Carroll was not surprised by the exceptionally positive results of the survey, believing that local pride has gone from strength to strength amidst the global pandemic as more locals explored their own backyard.

“The survey showed that over half of Capricorn residents (56%) enjoy seeing tourists in their towns, with a similar proportion (56%) wishing to see more visitors enjoying the fabulous and diverse offerings across the destination,” Mary said.

“When asked about tourism, an impressive 94% believe that visitors bring enormous economic benefit to the community, with 94% also agreeing that tourism brings greater cultural diversity.”

“A number of respondents (91%) also feel that our destination’s ever-growing events and festivals are raising awareness of the area, and continuing to attract greater visitor numbers, who are staying and playing longer,” Mary said.

While tourism can sometimes be touted as an inconvenience within regional towns, one respondent shared that ‘the minor disruption of visitors is far outweighed by the positive impacts to the community’s economy’.

Another said that they ‘love seeing people enjoying the region’ and another claiming that tourism ‘makes me feel proud of our town’.

“The encouraging research shows that 56% of residents want to see more visitors in the area, clearly demonstrating an increased awareness and acceptance in our local communities, that tourism is a major economic driver for our destination,” Mary said.

Statements within the Study also alluded to residents spending plenty of time as ‘local tourists’ and indulging in family staycations, enjoying the wonders of their hometowns.

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