Travelling influencers give back to Keppel Bay’s marine life

When the full-time travel family of six, 4 Boys and a Caravan, first arrived on the Capricorn Coast, they quickly found as many reasons as possible to not leave…

Working with Capricorn Enterprise on creating content to inspire other families to come and explore our exciting destination, Tom, Aimee and their boys Tyler, Lincoln, Jett, and Chase absolutely fell in love with the diversity and adventure on offer across the Tropic of Capricorn.

After naming it one of their top three spots in Australia, the crew from 4 Boys and a Caravan have returned at every opportunity, with their most recent stop in 2021 inspiring a charitable kick back to the Keppel Turtle Fund.

With a shared passion and appreciation for turtles and protection and rehabilitation of the natural marine environment throughout the Southern Great Barrier Reef, the family (particularly eldest son Tyler) have worked to create Wet Bags, featuring Tyler’s very own turtle photographs taken while snorkelling through the fringing coral gardens on Great Keppel Island.

The Bags, which are hand made in Australia are perfect for containing wet swimmers or somewhere to put your sunscreen and keys while at the beach, by the pool, travelling, camping, or kayaking.

With every purchase of the Wet Bag, 4 Boys and a Caravan will be donating 10% of the sale to the Keppel Turtle Fund, to assist the charity to further educate visitors to the island on the importance of caring for our underwater world.

“When Tyler first flagged this idea with Tom and I, we were thrilled to support his endeavours and have been so pleased to see the product come to fruition for him,” Aimee said.

“The entire bag has been photographed, designed and invested in by Tyler and he is super proud of the finished product and even prouder to be donating proceeds to the Keppel Turtle Fund.”

“The boys spend so much time snorkelling and are always excited when they get to swim along turtles and other marine life during our holidays at Keppel.”

Capricorn Enterprise CEO Mary Carroll extended her gratitude to 4 Boys and a Caravan for continuing to go above and beyond in supporting our destination.

“The passion and enthusiasm that Tom, Aimee and the boys have for our region is second to none, and we have absolutely been privileged to work with them for some time now,” Mary said.

“The professionalism and quality content they provide for our marketing activities has been exceptional and we are thrilled that they have named our region as one of their favourite top three!”

The Wet Bag comes in two sizes and has a snap open handle that can be attached to a bag, towel rail, or even your pram. Made from a laminated polyester, the bags are water resistant and designed to replace plastic bags in holding damp or dirty items, or protect valuables from the sand, snow, dust, or dirt.

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