Invitation to Tender – Mt Fairview GBRF Timber Pile Project

Catchment Solutions is leading the remediation of large-scale erosion projects at Mt. Fairview property located about 65 kilometres, North-West of Rockhampton, located in the Morinish locality.

Prospective tenderers are invited to tender on the project and were able attend the tender inspection held Wednesday 2nd March.

The Catchment Solutions Gully and Stream bank sediment reduction project is funded through partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. Proposed works at this site involve bank battering and re-profiling, installation of pile fields, and mulch / seeding using a sterile cover crop combined a native seed mix.

To protect the site following remediation, fencing of the site and surrounding catchment along Ten Mile creek will be undertaken.

The detailed design drawings and associated documents have been completed by the designer, Neilly Group Engineering, which are attached to this Invite to Tender and also can be accessed by the link below.

The project tender request closes on the 21st March 2022, with the project earthworks expected to begin by early May 2022.

Documents available at the link below:

If you have any questions please contact, Melanie Dowton, who is the key tender contact.

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