Vote Yes for Fixed Four Year Terms

Townsville Enterprise, Advance Cairns and Capricorn Enterprise are calling on North Queensland communities to support fixed four year terms for State Government at the Referendum on Saturday 19 March.

A fixed election date would provide a number of benefits for all North Queensland communities, bringing about certainty for businesses, encouraging jobs and attracting investment.

A four year fixed election term would:

  • See a fixed election date on the last Saturday of October every four years, taking the politics out of calling elections and avoiding snap elections
  • Enable sound policy development, less driven by short term political considerations
  • Reduce delays to job creation and investment caused by unpredicted early changes in Government
  • Remove uncertainty from the tourism and events industry by having a set date to plan events around and enabling families to plan travel
  • Bring Queensland in line with most other States and Territories’ Government election terms
  • Align State Government elections with Local Council elections
  • Reduce the cost of elections

Fixed four year terms are supported by both major parties, the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal National Party, leading community organisation across the State and a number of industries, including tourism and events.

Supporting four year fixed terms would give North Queensland and the State as a whole certainty around funding and policy decisions and more efficient outcomes between State and Local Governments.

This Saturday help drive a sustainable future for North Queensland and vote yes to fixed four year terms.

Media contact – Townsville Enterprise: Melissa Van Der Haak 0434 182 765
Media contact – Advance Cairns: Trent Twomey 0412 716 699
Media contact – Capricorn Enterprise: Mary Carroll 0417 669 286

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