Economic benefits to safely land at Rockhampton Airport

Rockhampton Airport has received a multi-million dollar upgrade to improve access and reduce closures due to flooding.

The resurfaced main runway, improved taxiways, runway shoulders and military and public transport areas will help the airport better service the community with the upgrades improving the connection between local communities during disasters and improve the region’s access to vital health and emergency services.

Rockhampton Airport is vital to the growth and diversification of Rockhampton and the wider Capricornia economy, providing interregional linkages and supporting key sectors of transport and logistics, tourism, defence and agriculture as well as being vital for health and emergency services such as Royal Flying Doctor, Angel Flight and Capricorn Helicopter Rescue. 

The project aims to enable the Airport to re-open faster after future inundation events, up to 8.5 days faster in an event scenario similar to the flood of 2011. Rockhampton Regional Council is also assessing the possibility of constructing a levee bank to mitigate flooding at the airport.

The project was jointly funded with the Federal Government investing $5 million through the Building Better Regions Fund and Rockhampton Regional Council $8.6 million.  

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