Short Course in Positive Leadership

Last week (Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th October), Capricorn Enterprise hosted the first Short Course in Positive Leadership in Rockhampton for local businesses. Contact us to be included on the wait list for the 2019 course, dates to be confirmed. Delivered by Rob Ritchie from Positive Difference, the course showed leaders how to optimise wellbeing, performance and leadership capacity in their workplaces.

This short course is normally only available in capital cities but will be hosted again in Rockhampton in February 2019. Do you have emerging, recently promoted or experienced leaders who are ready to further develop their leadership skills? Positive Difference assists leaders to create more positive work environments by empowering them and their staff with affordable access to comprehensive, professional training. Contact Capricorn Enterprise (email or phone 4927 2055) to be included on the wait list.

Positive Difference assists leaders to create more positive work environments by empowering them and their staff with affordable access to comprehensive, professional training in the scientific principles and practical strategies embraced by the most engaged and resilient individuals, the most positive and productive teams, and the most sustainably purposeful organisations.

The Short Course in Positive Leadership will both affirm and challenge you as you reflect upon how you can become a more positively effective leader. On completion of the course, you can expect to be well equipped with exciting new knowledge, empowering practical strategies, and an invigorated sense of purpose and passion as a positive leader. More important than being an expert, you will be an example that others will want to follow.

In the highly challenging environment that typifies today’s complex organisations, leaders at all levels need to remain current in the research-validated strategies that form the foundations of effective leadership practice.

Develop skills to:

  • increase wellbeing
  • raise accountability
  • build commitment
  • enhance ownership and effort
  • raise productivity and innovation
  • lead change
  • increase performance

Eight (8) modules over two consecutive days: 

  • Foundations of Positive Leadership,
  • Promoting Positive Climate,
  • Magnifying Positive Meaning,
  • Practising Positive Communication,
  • Developing Positive Relationships,
  • Strengths-based Leadership,
  • Strengths Profile Debrief,
  • Mindful Leadership.

Highly recommended for: 

  • Emerging leaders who seek to contribute to the wellbeing, performance and capacity of their people and organisational success.
  • Middle leaders who have been recently promoted but who may not have undertaken formal leadership studies.
  • All reflective practitioners who want to stay abreast of current thinking in effective leadership and unite and ignite their team.

Comments from participants:

“Fantastic course, great to be able to have this sort of training opportunity in a regional area. Knowledgeable presenter who is willing to discuss topics in detail. Fantastic to be able to share course content and learnings with co-workers.” – Rebbekah

“Absolutely fantastic to have a course of this degree in Rockhampton and available at a reasonable price. I would have loved it to be longer and have delved into the content in more detail with group discussion however, it was a great course with relevant and modern information and research. Rob was engaging and knowledgeable with proven experience. I’m looking forward to having access to the supporting training content online. Break up of content and breaks was perfect for attention span.” – Nyree

“The content & presentation was informative and easily absorbed. I was engaged the entire course and continued to source more information after the first day outside the learning environment. I see the content as very valuable for current & future leaders wanting to increase productivity in the workplace & also for personal development.” – Davina

“I felt the content & presentation was really worthwhile to my progression as a Team Leader. I have identified a number of models that I intend to use in my workplace moving forward. I also learnt a lot about myself and my strengths and weaknesses. Thanks for a great 2 days!” – Lisa

“Content of the course was very thorough and a good help in me understanding what my strengths are through the Strength Profile. What I have learnt during the past two days will be implemented in my role as a People Manager, and encourage/enable them to follow the same process in order to becoming an efficient team.” – Phillip

“Great content – well explained & demonstrated. Engaging use of Strengths profile & evaluation of utilising these tools effectively. Concepts for leadership were relevant to current leadership/management position; and can be adapted accordingly and implemented within relevant time frames. Thank you!!!” – Ashlee

“Robert took the time to relate to every person during this course which shows his immense ability to deliver a fantastic and interesting two day experience, I take much away from this that I will relate to regularly.” – Ben

“Content & Presenter were fantastic. Very relevant & useful & delivered in an easy to understand manner. Going back to the office armed with lots of ideas & tools. Thank you.” – Tanya

“The course content was very in depth. I’ve learnt a great deal and would highly recommend for current or emerging leaders. The presenter had fantastic energy throughout the two days. Thoroughly enjoyed the course.” – Laura

“It was a great course and there are a few strategies that I can take back to the workplace, so we can create a more positive environment.” – Anon

“Course was good with lots of content, great stories, lots of input from participants. Activity was excellent – strengths.” – Anon

“Content was in depth & registered on every aspect of what a leader needs to positively impact themselves and those around them.” – Cynthia

“The course was a great insight & refreshed my management style. Content was interesting right through the 2 days. Thanks Rob.” – Mark

“Brought in a new way of thinking. Not only about myself as a worker but also how others operate. I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills that I will be putting into practise at work, interactions with clients & family.” – Clare

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